Why We're Different ....

Ultimate Learners is one of the UK’s best driving schools and we are gaining a great reputation for excellent quality driving lessons. Our goal is simple, we believe learning to drive should be enjoyable and, more importantly, equip you with the skills you need to drive safely for your entire driving career.

We have an up to date approach for learning to drive, and always aim to get all our pupils through their driving test easily and with no fuss. To prepare you for the real thing, your Instructor will take on the role of a Driving Examiner and conduct “Mock” Tests. This will highlight any areas for improvement and will get you used to Test conditions.

Every Lesson you and your Instructor will fill in a Progress Report, so you know what you have achieved and what needs to be worked on. This is the best way to track how well you are doing and will give an estimate of how many more Lessons you are likely to need to pass the Practical Driving Test.

Our Driving Instructors will take away your concerns on your driving lessons and you will be surprised how quickly you learn new driving skills. Remember, learning is a two way process, if you are not sure about something ask and your Instructor will gladly go through it again with a simple diagram or a verbal explanation. Your the customer and it’s our job to make sure we give you the best possible service.