How can pass plus benefit you?

Ultimate Learners based in Wakefield offers the option of pass plus driving lessons after you pass your driving test. We also offer this option to drivers who do not use the motorway in their daily commutes, but wish to gain confidence and understanding of the motorway.

The benefits of pass plus is not just to make you a safer driver and build confidence on the motorway. You may also receive a discount when you purchase your car insurance.

First and foremost, Pass Plus is a driving qualification and takes around 6 hours to complete. Although it is more suited to students who have just passed their driving test, it can be taken by any one who has passed their driving test.

It enables you to gain crucial practical hands on experience driving in conditions which you may not have covered in your driving lessons. You will need to do practical driving in the following areas:

  • – Towns & Villages
  • – Different weather conditions
  • – Rural roads
  • – Night time Driving
  • – Dual carriageways
  • – Motorways

It may not always be possible to assess you on a variety of different weather conditions, however if this happens we will go through the theory in detail so you have the skills you need.

You will be assessed throughout the duration on the course and will be signed off each module once you meet the required standard.

Upon completing the pass plus course, you will need to go to:

This is so you can apply for your pass plus certificate. If you are unsure on how to do this, or you would like help doing this, we will be able to provide assistance.

Pass Plus Discount

As you have taken the time to gain an additional driving qualification, you will be less likely to be involved in a accident on the motorway, duel carriageways or higher speed roads. This means you will now have additional skills and be prepared for and react better to incidents on the road, and therefore will be less on a risk.

Once you have your certificate, you will be able to apply for a pass plus insurance discount on your car insurance. This is something which most insurance providers offer.