Learning to drive both in Wakefield and beyond can be a daunting experience for many. Here at the Ultimate Learners Driving School, we think it should be as rewarding and as enjoyable as possible so we want to help you do it right.

You’ll find that our experienced and fully-qualified driving instructor provides both informative and comprehensive lessons, making us the perfect choice for learners looking to gain the confidence to take their test in Wakefield.

When it comes to your driving lessons in Wakefield, where our driving instructor gained many of their years of experience, their intimate knowledge of every road, alley and roundabout is shared and taught to learners in each and every session, setting you up to pass your test with flying colours.

We take the professionalism of our instructor very seriously, and has passed the qualifying examinations organised by the Driver Vehicle and Standards Agency. Are instructor is also regularly assessed every 2-4 years to ensure they stay up-to-date with changes in driver education.

The best driving lessons are more than just their instructor and their lesson plans however. That’s why we go above and beyond to provide a range of special little touches to give you that all-important confidence to drive safely. Our tailor-made progress reports will help you focus on areas of improvement, while our extra courses can take you beyond your test. Your instructor will always take your input on board, listening to your feedback and working with you to achieve your learning goals.

The best bit? You can get started with us for less with three initial lessons for just £39. From there on out, our competitive and transparent price structure means you’ll never pay over the odds if you choose Wakefield for your driving lessons, starting from £23 an hour. We’ll always be honest when evaluating how many more lessons you need to take; transparency and honesty are key pillars to the Ultimate Learners Driving School lesson model.