Driving Test
NEW Practical Driving Test 2017

This year the UK Driving Test is changing.  Don’t get caught out!  Take your Driving Lessons in Wakefield with a Ultimate Learners Instructor that knows what is going to happen on the new style test.  Don’t fail because your Instructor didn’t teach the new stuff.  The biggest changes are:

•    Independent / Sat Nav Driving – currently 10 minutes will be increasing to 20 (half of your test will be you now following road signs and a sat nav system

•    New Reverse Man-oeuvres – The Left Reverse and Turn in the road are being scrapped.  Instead you may be asked to drive into and reverse out of a parking bay or park on the right hand side of the road, reverse back a few car lengths and then set off again.  The reverse bay park and parallel park will still be on the new test.

•    Show me tell me – Some of the questions might now be asked whilst you are driving the car.  This will most likely be how to operate a control such as turning on the wipers.

What are you waiting for?  Book your lessons now and get your 1st 3 Hours for just £33 and great rates after.